About Us

DoItYourselfLegalKits.com is a service offered by Attorneys’ Information Bureau, Inc. (AIB), a Minority and Women-Owned Business (MWOB) located in Seattle, Washington.

AIB was established in 1923 as a service to attorneys in the downtown Seattle area. As the oldest legal support service company in town, AIB prides itself on timely, accurate and cost effective results to those using its services. For non-lawyers, we also provide attorney referral listings and a list of free legal resources. Click here for more information.

From its humble beginning, when two ladies provided steno and filing work for lawyers, the company has grown to be a multifaceted service provider and litigation support to attorneys and their staff all over the state of Washington. AIB also assists the general public with its legal research and retrieval requests, including selling legal forms and kits, and providing notary public services. All state public records can be searched.

AIB currently provides a subscription membership to nearly 500 lawyers and law firms in the tri-county area (King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties), investigators and any other service desiring regular legal support services. The services provided these subscribing members are offered free or at discount rates. Subscribing members enjoy an “office away from their office” in the courthouse with an attorney’s work area, phone, copiers, fax, computer, internet access and Wi-Fi. ‘Working papers’ can be delivered, e-filings done for the attorneys and a monthly newsletter are provided

With the expanding technology made available today, AIB also offers high speed digital scanning/archiving for their subscribing members at discount rates; these same services are also offered to the public or other non-subscribing companies and the medical/dental communities at regular retail rates.