Annual “Strange Pre-Nups”

Everyone’s talking about Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s wealthiest men. Bezos lacks a prenup. A prenup is a legal agreement a couple enters into before their marriage tat outlines how their assets will be distributed. Whether you have $2 in your savings account or millions, getting a pre-nup is a necessity for people who Read More

Do You Know the Difference Between Probate and Estate Planning Attorneys?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between attorneys who handle probate versus those who provides estate planning? Simply stated, a probate attorney deals with what happens after a person dies. An estate planning attorney provides legal advice and guidance while a person is still alive. Both probate and estate planning attorneys are state Read More

8 Tips to Complete and File Your Own Legal Forms

If you like do-it-yourself projects, you may want to complete and file your own legal forms. You don’t need to be an attorney to complete and file your own legal forms. Some of our customers buy legal forms to get an idea of what information their attorney will want to know, saving them time and Read More

Notary Signature: Need a Document Notarized?

A notary signature is often required in order to file legal documents or take the next step in a legal transaction? Why do banks, courts and other legal institutions require a notary signature? A notary signature is often necessary to witness and certify the person signing a document is who he says he is. A Read More

Want to Become a Lawyer? Washington State Offers 2 Alternatives

News about Kim Kardashian prepping to take the California Bar Exam to become a lawyer lit up the news and social media outlets. Considering Kardashian hasn’t even eared a Bachelor’s degree, how could she become a practicing attorney so quickly? Guess what? In California and in our very own Washington state, there are alternates. One Read More

Estate Planning Basics – Understanding Wills, Trusts, and Power of Attorney in Washington State

What is estate planning? Estate planning explains how your assets will be managed and/or distributed if you become incapacitated. Making a will, setting up a trust and choosing a power of attorney are all components of estate planning. Estate planning includes managing your assets and deciding how those assets will be distributed once you can Read More

Washington Gun Laws: Update on New Gun Registration Laws

In November, 60 percent of voters voted YES o new Washington gun laws. The new initiative partially went into effect in January. But before these new restrictions could even get off the ground, sheriffs in at least 12 counties declared they will not implement the restrictions. Here’s your guide to what’s going on, what’s coming Read More

15581184 - eviction notice with new lease and keys

Eviction Checklist: What You Need to Know to Evict a Tenant in Washington State

Are you a landlord who wants to evict a tenant? Use our eviction checklist to learn what you need to know to evict a tenant in Washington state. The first step on our eviction checklist is to know the tenant/landlord laws so you know what’s legal and illegal. Secondly, identify the legal reason for the Read More


Restore Gun Rights in Washington State: What to Know and How to Get Your Rights Back

Maybe you made a bad choice when you were younger. Instead, now that you’re older –– and hopefully, wiser –– you may want to review your rights and take the necessary steps to restore gun rights. Unfortunately, once you lose your gun rights, they are not automatically restored later on. According to Wash. Rev. Code §§ Read More