Legal Kits & Forms


Civil Lawsuit Kit


Garnishment Kit

Vacating/Sealing Criminal Records

Records Sealing Kit – Juvenile

Misdemeanor Kit

Felony Kit

Restore Firearm Kit

Family Law


Divorce Forms Kit without Children (also known as Dissolution Kit without Children) UPDATED 8/2018)

Divorce Forms Kit with Children (also known as Dissolution Kit with Children) UPDATED 8/2018)

Legal Separation Kit, Non-Contested UPDATED 8/2018)


Modification Of Parenting Plan/Custody Decree Kit UPDATED 8/2018)

Modification of Custody Decree/Parenting Plan Kit**

Temporary Custody Kit (Non-Parent only)**

Custody Kit (Non-Married)

Custody Kit (Non-Parental only) UPDATED 8/2018)

Child Support 

Child Support Adjustment

Child Support Guidelines**

Modification Of Child Support Kit with Guidelines UPDATED 8/2018)

Modification of Child Support (Agreed) Kit**

Res. Schedule / Parenting Plan / Child Support Kit**

Parenting Plan**


Visitation Kit**

More Family Law 

Pre-Marital Property Settlement Kit/Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Restraining Order Kit (Family Law) UPDATED 8/2018)

Service by Certified Mail (Family Law only)

Service by Publication (Family Law only)

Service by Third Party (Family Law only)

Temporary Motion & Order Kit (Family Law)**

Temporary Motion & Order Kit (Paternity)

Contempt Kit (Family Law)**

Dependent Child Kit**

Emancipation Kit

Invalidity Kit (Annulment) Non-Contested

Writ of Habeus Corpus (Family Law)


Guardianship Kit – All in One (Minor or Incapaitated Person) UPDATED 8/2018)


Eviction Notice Kit


Rules (King County Local Rules)**

Power of Attorney

 Special Power of Attorney

 General and Durable Power of Attorney

 Health Care Directive (Directive to Physicians/Living Will) 


Probate Kit – with Will

Probate Kit – without Will

Small Estate Affidavit


Will Kit (State of Washington)

Health Care Directive (Directive to Physicians/Living Will)

** Please call our office to order since these kits are not available to purchase online.